International Pediatric Nephrology Association Meeting
Iguacu, Brazil
20-09-2016 - 24-09-2016

International society of Hypertension Meeting
Seoul, Korea
24-09-2016 - 29-09-2016

International congress of the Transplantation Society
Hong Kong, China
18-08-2016 - 23-08-2016

European Society of Hypertension
Paris, France
10-06-2016 - 13-06-2016

American Society of Hypertension
New York, USA
14-05-2016 - 17-05-2016

National Kidney Foundation 2015 Spring Clinical Meetings
Boston, United States
27-04-2016 - 01-05-2016

36th Annual International Peritoneal Dialysis Conference & 27th Annual Symposium on Pediatric Dialysis
Seattle, United States
27-02-2016 - 01-03-2016

The International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) Meeting
Melbourne, Australia
27-02-2016 - 01-03-2016

Annual Advanced Nephrology Meeting: Nephrology for the Consultant
San Diego, United States
28-01-2016 - 30-01-2016

ASN Kidney Week
Chicago, United States
15-11-2016 - 20-11-2016

53rd ERA-EDTA Congress
Vienna, Austria
21-05-2016 - 24-05-2016

Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hypertension
New York, NY, USA
13-05-2016 - 17-05-2016

American Transplant Congress 2016
Boston, United States
11-06-2016 - 15-06-2016

Canadian Society of Nephrology Meeting, 48th Annual General Meeting
Halifax, Canada
12-05-2016 - 14-05-2016

International Conference on Dialysis: Advances in Kidney Disease - 2016
Miami, United states
20-01-2016 - 22-01-2016

KNA Vascular Access Symposium November 2015 Video presentations on ISN website        World Kidney Day March 10 2016, Kidney Disease & Children "Act Early to Prevent It !"        
Chronic Kidney Disease
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Stones
Urinary Tract Infections
Polycystic disease
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Hemodialysis Access What is better?
Peritoneal Dialysis
Kidney Transplantation

 Welcome to the Electronic Home of Kuwait Nephrology Association (KNA).  KNA was established in October 2006 to promote clinical and academic cooperation between the various nephrology units in Kuwait.  Our main goal was to improve knowledge and share experience with our colleagues in different regions of the world.  On the same line we are working hard to enhance general people awareness about kidney diseases.
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